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Modular Bathroom "PODS"

Increase the efficiency on your next commercial project with B&T Manufacturing’s Modular Bathroom Pods! Our bathroom pods are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and will integrate seamlessly into your existing project. Eliminate those extra bathroom items on your punch list and focus on the next steps with your project. Contact us today for a quote.

Manufactured in a controlled factory environment. Designed to meet our customer’s needs!

Modular bathroom pod advantages

When should you use B&T Manufacturing pods?

  • Layout types minimized

    Efficiency in construction just makes sense. Reducing the amount of bathroom and kitchenette layouts is the recipe for success. Off site manufacturing of Pods requires a battery of design challenges to be solved for each layout, so spreading this effort across multiple units using the same layout is necessary to make Pods more economical than standard site built construction. We recommend at least 20 units per layout for the financial benefits of using Pods to be ensured.

  • Shipping volume is maximized

    Unless your new construction is in Rapid City, SD, your Pods will need to take a road trip. The dimensional goal for the height and width of a Pod is 8' 6" to keep transportation cost effective. The most economical option for interstate travel will be a 53' dry van, but a variety of transportation options exist to get Pods of any size to your job site.

  • Finishes

    Bathroom and kitchenette Pods are built for projects before the ground even breaks. Because of this, the Pod finishes need to be selected early.

  • Connection points

    B&T Manufacturing will assist in establishing how the Pods will be hooked up to MEP systems early in development, or let our team define these connections for you so installation is seamless.

  • Plug and play

    B&T Manufacturing Pods leave our factory weather tight and ready for use. You can trust our quality as we utilize progress photos and videos, third party inspections, and an intensive internal quality assurance program. Choose B&T Manufacturing and your next Pod experience will be as straightforward as installing a new appliance.

  • Installation

    Whether you are lifting, rolling, or setting, B&T manufacturing has over 6 years of experience and dozens of completed jobs to educate and illustrate the process of installing Pods in your specific building type. Using job tested techniques such as template jigs for plumbing penetrations to proprietary jacks for movement, B&T Manufacturing will ensure your Pod job is done right!

Our Project Experience:

Front view of a hotel building

Home2Suites - Hilton Hotel

Although we are a young company, we have successfully completed our first delivery of 199 PODs for a Home2Suites in California. B&T has teamed with KPRS Construction (BIM) to help integrate and maximize POD layout and Points of Connection

View of wood framing during building construction

Silva Crossing

Delivered 55 bathroom and kitchen PODs. B&T has teamed with KPRS Construction (BIM) to help integrate and maximize POD layout and Points of Connection.

View of a hospital during construction

Shodair - New Hospital

Delivered 104 patient and staff bathroom PODs. B&T has teamed with KPRS Construction (BIM) to help integrate and maximize POD layout and Points of Connection.

Workers moving a modular bathroom pod

ERC - Eating Recovery Center

B&T was selected to provide 45 PODs for the ERC Medical Center build out in Plano, Texas. Without a long lead time, B&T started to deliver pods within a 5 week period of development time. With a delivery of 45 pods, B&T provided 27 different configurations of bathroom pods to support the design drawings and deliver on time and within spec.

Front view of a small home with large windows and doors open

Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings is a construction technology company that creates high quality ADU's using advanced materials, patented 3D printing technology, and robotics automation. B&T has a working relationship with Mighty Buildings and currently producing a scheduled 4 bathroom PODs per month on a recurring agreement.

Three cranes in a row in front of a city skyline

Assembly OSM

Assembly OSM is a fast-growing company inventing new ways to perform modular construction in urban environments. B&T has provided two prototype bathrooms to bring the concepts patented by Assembly OSM to fruition.